viernes, 10 de mayo de 2019

Debussy - Previn: Nocturnos,

Claude Debussy
London Symphony Orchestra
Dir:  Andre Previn.

    En el ciclo homenaje al maestro Andre Previn completamos su maravilloso disco debussiano con sus Tres Nocturnos, ya La Mer la habiamos publicado el año pasado en ocasión del centenario del compositor.  Buena audición.


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Mahlerite-Shosta dijo...!Usd2lC6C!puwaCFVg1MhAGu3di58R7yneUBXQtBEiI_ryhW1NsVg

Jacky dijo...

Gracias.The link for La Mer is dead.Can you,pls, reupload?

Anónimo dijo...

Thankyou very much for the Nocturnes - may we also have La Mer?


Mahlerite-Shosta dijo...

Hello.... I'll upload La Mer again for you all.

fleury dijo...

Sad that in 2019 you're still using lossy MP3s instead of lossless.
And sad that you include no scans, covers, or documentation.

Mahlerite-Shosta dijo...

Hello, i share files for evaluation, i don´t receive any money for this work. I usually
write about music i´m sharing. If you like any music, purchasing the CD is strongly recommended.