domingo, 15 de septiembre de 2013

Schumann: Piano Concerto.

Robert Schumann
Leif Ove Andsnes, Piano
Berliner Philharmoniker
Dir: Mariss Jansons.

    Una de las mejores versiones de ésta obra en sonido moderno...
    "Many great pianists have already recorded this now-traditional coupling. Having proven himself to
belong in the company of the greats, Andsnes now gets his chance. He has a decided viewpoint on this music, stressing the lyrical elements with some gorgeous tone and phrasing, yet capturing plenty of drive
and excitement when required. Jansons seems to challenge his soloist with very energetic readings of the orchestral parts: lots of tympani and broad dynamic contrasts. The collaboration works quite well, and if you don't already have half a dozen CDs with this coupling already in your collection, this one is definitely worth considering. It does have a couple of minor handicaps, though. EMI passed up the opportunity to fill the blank 20 minutes of the disc with some solo music by these composers, and the recorded sound, while well balanced, seems somewhat dull and lacking in presence." --Leslie Gerber...

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