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Mendelssohn - Sawallisch (II)

Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy
SYMPHONIE NR.2, Op.52 "Lobgesang"
New Philharmonia Chorus
New Philharmonia Orchestra 
Conductor:  Wolfgang Sawallisch

     Continuando con el ciclo Mendelssohn en homenaje al desaparecido Maestro Wolfgang Sawallisch, en uno de los mejores registros disponibles de la 2da sinfonía, como lo reseña la siguiente revisión que cito a continuación:

"     The Symphony No. 2, “Lobgesang” or “Hymn of Praise,” is a symphonic cantata for orchestra, chorus, two sopranos, and one tenor, requiring about 65 minutes to perform. The vocal parts consume the final 40 minutes. This is an essentially ecumenical religious work. Almost all the tempos here are brisker than Abbado’s, shaving 10 minutes off his 75-minute time, and all for the better. The chorus and soloists are excellent, with Sawallisch keeping interest up by moving along smartly. Christoph Poppen also moves things along in this symphonic cantata, but Sawallisch and the Philharmonia forces produce a better sound. I have always regarded the “Scottish” Symphony as Mendelssohn’s most attractive symphony of the five. Here, both Sawallisch and Abbado excel, but at the end of the last movement, the triumphant A-Major coda is also Sawallisch’s triumph. He follows the preceding pianissimo with a correspondingly quiet A-Major 
entry, building up quickly to full volume. How effective!" 
      Sawallisch volvió a grabar ésta obra con la Filarmónica de Berlín, para EMI, con resultados relativamente decepcionantes. Para escuchar y apreciar la maestría de Sawallisch en Mendelssohn, definitivamente hay que remitirse a éste fabuloso ciclo con la New Philharmonia.

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